Ad hoc solutions

The suite of research solutions developed by Eumetra to provide businesses with bespoke advice on how to update their offer and appropriate ways in which to communicate and engage with customers.

Based on in-depth knowledge of individuals and society, these solutions allow companies to meet rapidly and proactively to both strategic demands and more tactical needs, while always guaranteeing maximum efficiency and optimum price/quality ratio.

Eumetra’s ad hoc solutions can be summarised in three main areas:

Main areas



to support businesses in product planning and architecture, increasing the potential for success and reducing the risks associated with the launch of new products.

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to assist businesses in fine-tuning the planning and content of their communications and measuring their effectiveness. The aim is to increase the potential for success, while optimising the use of investment.

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to enhance businesses’ knowledge during the process that guides the architecture and delivery of services. The aim is to broaden knowledge of all key aspects of decisions to be made, increasing the possibility of creating a loyal and constantly growing customer base.

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The pluses of Eumetra’s ad hoc solutions

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they draw upon the uniqueness of Eumetra’s store of knowledge of individuals, built up by our Knowledge Building research.

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they are based on an array of techniques for in-depth research, which place the individual at the centre by reconstructing their systems of evaluation and choice.

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they explore and make use of new technologies, choosing for each case the appropriate instrument to employ to best advantage in order to contribute to our clients’ success.


New ideas factory

Every day we all receive a huge number of marketing messages, and it is truly complicated to disentangle the offers and identify their identities and advantages. For products, the ability to stand out in a positive way has become the real key to success and, on the other hand, the costs of potential failure are increasingly difficult for any business to bear. For this reason, any product idea – even the best in the world – needs to be developed as well as possible, valorised and communicated in order to maximise its chances of success.

In addition to steering the entire range of research techniques that support the creation of a product (product testing, pack testing etc), the New Ideas Factory includes three unique research options which can respond to three essential questions:

White Spaces Detector

which products are needed in today’s world, but do not yet exist?

White Space Detector is a research route which combines desk techniques with field research, to identify unmet needs in a specific market sector. It guides innovation strategy in the direction of true uniqueness for the customer.

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Co-Creation Quali

how to convey new product ideas which are consistent with the brand and best able to meet the demands of new consumers?

Co-Creation Quali is a research route which resides in interaction between Eumetra and a company’s in-house product development department. It facilitates creativity and directs it towards the combination that can most effectively transmit value.

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Ultra Concept Test

which mix of sustainable products can really trigger purchasing and go beyond enthusiastic reactions?

Ultra Concept Test is able to identify new and sustainable ideas which are likely to find real favour in the audience. A tried and tested research route based on analytical methods pinpoints real interest in a product, regardless of statements of intent.

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Media new optimization

Not all mediums are equal; we’ve suspected this for some time. But which mediums are truly effective, for whom, and in which channels of communication? This question is more current than ever, now that our love affair with the internet appears to be taking a pause for reflection. The inevitable slant towards micro-business, the rapid spread of fake news which damages integrity, the animosity plaguing social media; all these clash with the concepts of sustainability and inclusion which businesses seek and must communicate at this time.

The proposed new model of communication is therefore no longer focused on the medium, but on the individual and in-depth knowledge of them. Responding to this new context are the following research tools:

Core target detector

this allows companies to understand whether their communication strategy is actually reaching their primary targets.

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Ad fine tuning

this allows companies to check that their communications campaigns are using the correct language for their intended targets, and leveraging the right elements.

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TEC (Tracking the Effectiveness of Communication)

Eumetra’s ADV tracking tool, which allows companies to measure and optimise the impact of their advertising (brand reputation, recall, satisfaction, understanding of messaging etc) over all channels, and also helps them to understand which factors trigger (or not) a liking for the brand, in other words, its desirability.

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Brand Equity Check

this allows firms to monitor the health of their brand and the long-term effects of its communication campaigns, by calculating their impact on existing or potential customers in terms of shifts or improvements in their positioning.

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New experienced customer

Relations between businesses and their customers have come a long way in recent years: we have seen many revolutions, and many others have occurred unnoticed but for their practical consequences. One example that stands out: we have witnessed the rise, heyday and decline of the call centre, from the previously unknown possibility of contacting companies directly, to the daily frustration of interacting with an automated interlocutor or being pursued by attempts to sell products or services.

However, the greatest revolution is the unseen one, which has gradually placed the individual and the company on the same level: no longer is the former subordinate and the latter dominant, but both are equal. To help businesses decode the current relationship with their customers and optimise their efforts to consolidate it, Eumetra’s New Experienced Customer is based on two unique research routes:

New Customer Journey Map

this allows us to map the main intersections in the relationship between the customer and a given product or service, identify the mood at each stage and the unexpressed needs of the current offer. It allows companies to update their offer, with the new needs of the individual as the starting point.

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New Customer Experience

allows companies to gauge their dynamic and competitive positioning in terms of the creation of user experience for their customers, and to monitor their position in relation to their competitors. It is based on a user-friendly dashboard and offers the possibility of further investigation of themes that prove to be critical. By combining classic metrics, modelling and semantic analysis, it allows businesses to focus on improved fine-tuning of their services, optimising resources and responding to the needs of customers.

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